Sunday, 22 April 2012

Bump in the road

So best laid plans...I had such grand plans to figure out my word work program and blog more about our collaborative literature circles on Friday, however we found out at 11:00 am that the Labour Relations Board here in British Columbia ruled on side with the Government and is forcing us to write report cards due to our AO's by this Friday. We have been doing job action all year and the government has written a new law called Bill 22 to force us back to full duties. (We had not been doing recess or bus duty, attending staff meetings or report cards...) We thought that because this law took effect after term two had finished we would not be required to perform struck work. HA HA HA! I should have known that would not have happened coming from a government that makes up new laws to supercede old ones that even the BC Supreme court said were unlawful. So now it is back to court for our union to fight ever increasing class sizes, class composition problems, lack of funding for resources, special education, librarians etc... Friday became all about how do I report on two weeks of school (which is all we have had since Spring Break). Let's just say thank goodness my student teacher from term two left her assessment results in perfect order as I relied on them. I will try to post more productively this week and I really want to figure out how to attach BLM's to my posts on literature circles so if anyone knows how to do this please let me know!

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