Sunday, 13 November 2011

Lit Circle time

So I do not understand how people have the time to blog everyday!!! I have so much to do... It also does not help that I have taken on more responsibilities at school. It is my favorite time of year-Lit circle season. I am lucky to work with a team of grade four and five teachers on collaborative literature circles. I will be running three books but my 30 students will have the choice of ten different novels. We meet three times per week. One day one group will be reading and writing double entry journals while another group blogs and a third group is discussing with me. The students move in and out of books throughout the process. Each teacher starts a whole class lit circle this month so we have lots of modelling going on for awhile then we break into our groups after spring break in March. I will post some examples if I can figure out how to put them into google docs!

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